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Live Briefing: Russia Invades Ukraine

15 Mar 2023, 23:45 GMT+10

RFE/RL's Live Briefing gives you all of the latest developments on Russia's ongoing invasion, how Kyiv is regaining territory, Western military aid, worldwide reaction, and the plight of civilians and refugees. For all of RFE/RL's coverage of the war, click here.

Latest Developments At A Glance Russian parliament's upper chamber has approved a bill expanding the Kremlin's wartime censorship measures to include punishment for anyone considered to have discredited 'volunteer' forces such as so-called private military groups involved in Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Russia kept up the intensity of its ceaseless assault on Bakhmut and continued to target civilian objectives, causing casualties, as President Volodymyr Zelenskiy vowed to keep defending the city in the eastern region of Donetsk and inflict maximum losses to the enemy. Russian President Vladimir Putin has dismissed as 'complete nonsense' allegations that pro-Ukrainian activists with no ties to the state could be behind the explosions on the Nord Stream gas pipelines. The United States has called the intercept by Russian war planes of a U.S. spy drone over the Black Sea 'a brazen violation of International law' caused by 'unsafe and unprofessional' behavior. Ukraine's top military command unanimously favors defending the sector of eastern Ukraine that includes the besieged city of Bakhmut and inflicting maximum losses on the enemy, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said in his evening video address on March 14. Russia has launched a deadly missile attack on the city of Kramatorsk as Ukrainian and Russian forces remained locked in a grinding battle for the control of Bakhmut farther east in the Donetsk region. The United States has summoned Russia's ambassador to protest the crash of an unmanned American drone after a Russian warplane collided with it over the Black Sea, the State Department said on March 14. If Bakhmut Falls, What Will It Mean For The Ukraine War?

After months of intensifying onslaughts, the Donbas city of Bakhmut is now the site of the bloodiest fighting of the entire Ukraine war. It's an open question how much longer Ukraine can hold off the Russian assault and what will it mean if the city falls. Read the story by Mike Eckel here.

Ukrainian soldiers fire a self-propelled howitzer toward Russian positions near Bakhmut, Donetsk region. Ukraine Territorial Control (Updated Weekdays) A Chinese Proposal To End The War In Ukraine? Not Quite

A 12-point position paper from China's Foreign Ministry calling for a cease-fire between Kyiv and Moscow has been met with skepticism and experts and Western officials say it will do little to dispel the notion that Beijing is on Russia's side. Read the story by Reid Standish here.

How Did Resistance To Russia's Invasion Put Ukraine On the Map For The West?

Long after the Soviet Union collapsed, many people in the West still thought of Ukraine as part of the Russian world -- which is exactly what Moscow wants to make it. But Russia's war on Ukraine is having the opposite effect, and perceptions abroad are changing as Ukrainians resist the invasion. Read the story by Todd Prince here.

People carry a banner in support of Ukraine through the streets of Vilnius on February 24, the anniversary of Russia's unprovoked invasion. How Did Everybody Get The Ukraine Invasion Predictions So Wrong?

In the run-up to Russia's February 2022 invasion, many doubted it would happen. And when it did, the wide consensus was that Ukraine's military would be routed, Kyiv would be captured in days, the government would fall. None of that occurred -- not even close. Why were so many people so wrong? Read the story by Mike Eckel here.

In Ukraine, There's Once Again Talk Of An Anti-Corruption Campaign. Will It Really Happen This Time?

At a time when Russia's onslaught has made Western support an existential issue for Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has responded quickly to allegations of corruption, dismissing top officials in the biggest reshuffle since the full-scale invasion a year ago. Does it portend real change? Read Todd Prince's report here.

Is The Ukraine War A Classic Case Of Wars Rarely, If Ever, Going As Planned?

British historian Lawrence Freedman specializes in international relations, foreign policy, and strategy. He has written academic works on the Cold War, nuclear deterrence, and the origins and course of the war in Ukraine. He spoke to RFE/RL's Georgian Service about the likelihood of total victory for either side, and why he doesn't think Putin will use a nuclear weapon. Read the interview here.

How Can Western Tanks Help Ukraine Drive Out Russian Forces?

Leopard 2 and Abrams tanks pledged by the West will give Ukraine a substantial boost in its fight against invading Russian forces, but numbers are a key factor and time is of the essence as the war grinds on and both sides prepare for possible offensives in the coming months, experts said. Read the full analysis by Todd Prince here.

Western Tanks For Ukraine: Leopard 2 And M1 Abrams Who Is The Latest General Picked By Putin To Oversee The Invasion Of Ukraine?

Three months ago, General Sergei Surovikin was charged with refocusing Russia's war on Ukraine. Now he's been demoted, and a rival general named the top commander. And with that, President Vladimir Putin has roiled the 11-month invasion, injecting Kremlin politics into the war with no end in sight. Read the story by Mike Eckel here.

Embed - How Territorial Control Has Changed Hands In Ukraine

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